Your well-being depends on a healthy home

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To better understand your environment and how to react to it, discover the Netatmo solutions

In Europe, 24% of homes are too damp. This can affect your health, including the risk of coughing.


The indoor air we breathe is on average 5x more polluted indoors than outdoors.

Peace and quiet are important for your well-being. Did you know that the sound level doubles with each 3-decibel increase?

Discover all the elements that contribute to your well-being:


Do you live in a house?

Benefit from your own real-time indoor and outdoor environment readings. View past readings and charts in the app. Receive an alert when your environment changes.  


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Smart Home Weather Station 

M jRiver

"Very good, reliable station.
The app and widgets are very well designed.
Clear, accurate, and accessible forecasts."

Access information about your home environment on your smartphone in real time. Create a healthy home environment. View data history and charts in the app  

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Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor


"Very good product. It's highly accurate with different measurements taken in real time."

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