Leave with peace of mind

Save thanks to a heating schedule adapted per room.

Control your heating wherever you are.

Enjoy the right temperature at the right time.

Control your smart heating

Be informed in real time about what is happening in front of your home.

The lighting of the exterior camera deters unwanted visitors.

The camera can be installed in a few minutes by replacing outdoor lighting.

View and store your videos at no extra cost.

Watch live, 24/7 images in the app.

Receive an alert directly on your smartphone in case of intrusion.


Renovate your home, make it smart

Discover the Netatmo offer

If you have to renovate, why not make it better?

To help you rethink a more modern, safe, comfortable home, Netatmo offers innovative and easy-to-install solutions.

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Bring smart heating to your home

Heat your home just right and when you need it with Netatmo Smart Heating.
Save money without giving up on your comfort!

Have access to your real time weather data on your smartphone.

Observe past, present and future. Monitor the evolution of your data.

Create your personalised alerts: frost, heat, rain, snow, thunderstorm...

Stay connected to your environment

Take advantage of your renovation to make your home safer. With Netatmo cameras, you can be alerted of what is happening at home in your absence.

Be alerted in real time and able to act in case of intrusion into your home

Poor air quality? Too much noise at night? With the Smart Weather Station, measure your indoor and outdoor environment and react accordingly.

Understand and act on your environment

Live in a healthier home

Concerned about the ambient air? Opt for the Intelligent Indoor Air Quality Sensor!
Measure your indoor environment, be alerted of changes and follow the recommendations for a healthier environment.

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Control your heating remotely


Monitor your home wherever you are

Air quality

Optimise your comfort and well-being at home


Measure your indoor and oudoor environment

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1 Smart Thermostat

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Air quality


Avoid excessive humidity setting in.

Learn how to reduce indoor pollution.

Control the sound level for a more peaceful sleep.

Maintain the ideal temperature, day and night.

Take action!